GIC Descriptive English Questions asked on 29th Aug 2021

Previous Year Essays asked in GIC Exam

Dear Aspirant, The GIC Asst. Manager Exam was held on August 29, 2021. Our expert team feels pleased to say that from our ‘Descriptive English Fodder Materials’ two essays out of four matched in the exam. The following are the […]

Why descriptive English / ESI Mock should not be missed

Descriptive Mock Why should not be missed

Bank whizz has introduced “Descriptive English Mock” concept in India after identifying the need of improving writing skill to score better in descriptive English section. Bank whizz has following tools for it –

SDRs IMF – Descriptive ESI Mock |NABARD | RBI

Give reasons for your answer. What are Special Drawing Rights (SRs)? Why is it being suggested that SDRs should have a greater role to play in a reformed international financial system? (15 Marks Questions | Limit: 600 Words) *

Descriptive ESI -NABARD Phase 2|Balance of Payment Crisis

What are the factors responsible for the emergence of a balance-of-payments/currency/financial crisis? Analyze with the help of some historical examples. Distinguish between head-count ratio and poverty-gap ratio as measures of poverty. What is the extent of poverty in India? (15 Marks Questions | Limit: 600 Words) *

Descriptive ESI – NABARD Mains |Capital Mobility, Monetary Policy

Show that an economy cannot simultaneously have fixed exchange rates, perfect capital mobility and autonomous monetary policy. Bring out, in this context, the effects of increased capital inflows/outflows in an economy like India. (15 Marks Questions | Limit: 600 Words) *