ESI Chapter – Poverty Alleviation Quiz 1 | NABARD Grade A 2021 | RBI | SEBI

ESI (Economic and Social Issues) Quiz – Poverty Alleviation

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1. Who recommended that India should be truly independent only when the poorest of its people are liberated from human suffering?


2. Those who enter and leave poverty on a regular basis are called


3. When was NFWP launched?


4. In 2011-12, the poverty line was defined as _________ consumption per person per month in rural areas and _______ in urban areas.


5. How many percentage of Indian population was below the poverty line?


6. Which of the following states in India has given greater emphasis to human resource development?


7. Which of the following programs helps old age people?


8. In 2011-2012, which Indian state had the highest poverty rate?


9. When was the Task Force on Projections of Minimum Needs and Effective Consumption Demand was formed?