Important Articles for Essay Writing for NABARD, SEBI, SBI, RBI, IBPS

Dear Aspirant,

Essay writing is an art and so it requires continuous effort. Your knowledge of different events going on in and around the world is a must. The more you have varied kinds of knowledge, the more you will feel confident in writing an Essay. Only on the basis of knowledge, you handle all kinds of Essay Topics with ease. The following are some highly important articles that you should go through. The articles have been chosen from different journals for you:

  1. A Better Rate: On COVID 19 Recovery
  2. Call for Action: On ICMR Antibody Test Study
  3. For better conditions of work: Important article for COVID 19 based essay topic
  4. The Fault of our Education System
  5. Rural India, the new viral flashpoint : Important Article for COVID 19 Essay Topic
  6. A prescription of equitable and effective care