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Free Trail Descriptive English

Why is Descriptive English a Game-changer in final selection?

  • • Everything is comparatively predictable in Descriptive English. It has only 3 or sometimes 4 sections viz,. Essay, Precis, Letter/Report and Comprehension
  • • For Comprehension, no outside information is needed other than Writing Skill
  • • For Precis, no outside information is needed other than Writing skill
  • • For Essay, only one topic is to be written on among most probably 5 Topics. In fact, you have options to choose. Unlike Objective Papers, the essay section, is open-ended rather than close-ended
  • • Like Essay, Letter/Report has also the similar case

What are the Common Mistakes that most aspirants commit?

  • • They think their practice on on MS Word or Note Pad can suffice rather than on an Actual Interface.
  • • They think Descriptive English is merely knowledge-based rather than skill-based
  • • Their focus is more on exploring and collecting data for Essay-writing than on writing the essay formally keeping in mind all aspects of writing.
  • • They do not get their answers evaluated as many as they can by some experts.
  • • They do not feel it highly important to discuss their asnwers from different aspects with the expert(s) for continuous improvement.

How does Bankwhizz help the Aspirants?

  • • Bankwhizz is India's only and exclusive platform for Descriptive English.
  • • Our Team is dedicated to improving your writing skill keeping a holistic approach
  • • We provide descriptive mock test-platform similar to that of the actual exam
  • • We provide a 360-degree evaluation of the submitted answers within a couple of hours
  • • We arrange One-to-One telephonic discussion any time with our experts regarding issues of improving descriptive English for making better strategy for better marks
  • • We provide 85+ Descriptive Mock Tests (Full Mocks and Section-wise Mocks on Essay, Precis, Letter/Report and RC)
  • • We provide Exclusive video lectures on fundamentals of essay, precis and RC along with sample essays telling how to write on the given topic
  • • We provide exclusive fodder materials fully examination-oriented
Need any help? Call us at 7982774960; 9939312804

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