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  • Why is Descriptive English a Game-changer in final selection?

    Everything is comparatively predictable in Descriptive English. It has only 3 or sometimes 4 sections viz,. Essay, Precis, Letter/Report and Comprehension

    For Comprehension, no outside information is needed other than Writing Skill

    For Precis, no outside information is needed other than Writing skill

    For Essay, only one topic is to be written on among most probably 5 Topics. In fact, you have options to choose. Unlike Objective Papers, the essay section, is open-ended rather than close-ended

    Like Essay, Letter/Report has also the similar case

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    What are the Common Mistakes that most aspirants commit?

  • They think their practice on on MS Word or Note Pad can suffice rather than on an Actual Interface.

  • They think Descriptive English is merely knowledge-based rather than skill-based

  • Their focus is more on exploring and collecting data for Essay-writing than on writing the essay formally keeping in mind all aspects of writing.

  • They do not get their answers evaluated as many as they can by some experts.

  • They do not feel it highly important to discuss their asnwers from different aspects with the expert(s) for continuous improvement.


How does Bankwhizz help the Aspirants?

  • Bankwhizz is India's only and exclusive platform for Descriptive English.

  • Our Team is dedicated to improving your writing skill keeping a holistic approach

  • We provide descriptive mock test-platform similar to that of the actual exam

  • We provide a 360-degree evaluation of the submitted answers at the earliest possible time

  • We arrange to get your doubts/ queries discussed any time with our experts through “Raise your doubts” module regarding issues of improving descriptive English for making better strategy for better marks

  • We provide ample Descriptive Mock Tests (Full Mocks and Section-wise Mocks on Essay, Precis, Letter/Report and RC) at very nominal cost

  • We provide Exclusive video lectures on fundamentals of essay, precis and RC along with sample essays telling how to write on the given topic

  • We provide exclusive fodder materials fully examination-oriented.  



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Have you ever noticed?

Phase-I Examination is just an elimination process.

The Objective papers comprise vast syllabus,requiring endless preparation and the probability of the questions prepared is comparatively less.

Phase III is of Interview with around 20% weightage.

Why weightage more to Descriptive English?


It is open-ended unlike objective paper.

Questions can be predicted.

It is skill-based rather than knowledge-based.

It requires only sound comprehension & writing skill.

Aspirants ignore the Descriptive Paper

They do not practice on a similar platform as that of the actual one.

They focus mainly on collecting more and more information.

They give no room for evaluations (If yes, then only few) from all dimensions from experts.

Why choose us?

India’s only and exclusive platform for Descriptive English.

Fastest Evaluations from all dimensions at the earliest possible time.

One-to-one doubt solving any time with experts - through “Raise your doubts” module.

Ample no of Descriptive Mocks at economical price.

Exclusive Video Lectures Study-notes, Model Essay, Precis, RC


Frequently Asked Questions
Our platform provides you with a set of many important questions on FM and ESI for practice for free.
You will have similar kind of feeling while attempting the mocks on our Interface. 'Timer', 'Word-counter' and the other are available. For more details, attempt the mocks already available for free.
With the fast increasing trend of Online-education, online fraud has also increased proportionally. So, we understand your concern. Before you purchase our course, please, go through the articles available on the site and watch the videos by our experts. Even if you're not convinced, you can talk to our expert freely before purchase.
Anandam Sir and his team will be there for quality evaluation.
Generally, we launch four packages for each exam: Free Package, Silver Package, Gold Package, and Diamond Package.
Our Essays are totally based on current events. In addition, our expert team keeps updating all these even till the exam. We feel happy to say that in previous exams (NABARD, SEBI, SBI, etc.), the essay topics were asked from our 'Fodder Materials'.
We are specialized in 'Descriptive English preparation and so we provide you with quality assistance regarding any section of this paper. We have 40+ model essays and ample exercises on Precis and Reading Comprehension with their sample answers. You need not go on for tedious hunt for essays, precis, and RC for your exams.
We provide two means so as to communicate properly with our experts. On your dashboard, there is a special provision 'Ask doubts from experts'. You will get almost instant feedback from our experts. You can also talk to our experts on the phone about the doubts.
Yes, we are available even on Sundays; however, a few limitations may be there.
We try our level best to provide your answer in 24 hours' time.
We provide the evaluated answers just beside the attempted test on your dashboard so that you may feel convenient for self-evaluation then and there. 
The 'Evaluation' takes place manually as well as with the help of Artificial Intelligence so that nothing may escape. In fact, a 360-degree evaluation takes place from our side.

There are various parameters for the evaluation of your answers depending on the nature of the questions. The parameters on which an essay is evaluated are 'Clarity of Expression & Preciseness', 'Command over Language', 'Facts and Figures', and 'Arrangement of Thoughts'. For Precis and Comprehension, some other parameters are employed for proper evaluation.

The Course Package is valid till the exam date.

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