COURSE DETAILS with more than 40 video lectures and Mocks

Comprehensive Grammar with Video Lectures

    1. Nouns
    2. Pronouns
    3. Adjective in a comprehensive way
    4. Verb in a comprehensive way
    5. Adverb in a comprehensive way
    6. Preposition in a comprehensive way
    7. Conjunction in a comprehensive way
    8. Video Lectures

Comprehensive Vocabulary with video lectures

    1. Tricks to learn words
    2. Synonyms and Quizzes
    3. Antonyms and Quizzes
    4. One Word Substitutions and Quizzes
    5. Idioms and Phrases and Quizzes
    6. Spellings
    7. Video Lectures

Comprehension with Video Lectures

    1. Sentence Arrangement
    2. Cloze Tests and Fillers
    3. Reading Comprehension
    4. Video Lectures

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